The necklace

This is the necklace I’ve been talking about! I absolutely love it! If anyone out there has seen this at their local H&M, let me know! ūüôā There is one for sale on eBay and I’m thinking about getting it if I can’t find it anywhere else. Gonna look for it this weekend aswell when I go away…




NYE dress!

Although I still don’t know what I’m doing for new years eve I’ve been looking at dresses. My go-to ‘store’ for finding cute dresses is ASOS. Even though I really don’t wear dresses that often I have quite a few. And ASOS always has some nice ones.

These are a few I found that I like…

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I <3 her style:Rita Ora

Rita Ora has her own style that is hard to define and I absolutely love it. A lot of the times it is stuff a ‘normal’ person wouldn’t wear but since she is in the entertainment industry she can get away with it. I love the fact that she mixes her tomboy style with being very sexy and feminine. A lot of people compare her to Rihanna¬†but I think she is next level. Sure, Rihanna¬†has a pretty cool style too but Rita, for me, is a step above Rihanna with having her own style.



English Hip-Hop star Rita Ora seen stepping out in Soho New York. The singer looked stunning in a short black lace dress, pink sunglasses, silver metallic boots and American dollar style purse