Hell no you don’t!!!


This has got to be the most stupid thing I’ve read in a really, really long time. Apparently Miley Cyrus says she believes she’s representing women in a cool way! Hell NO you are not Miley. You look stupid and I feel violated every time I see a picture of you. Look I’m all for everyone doing whatever they want and feel like but Miley is not cool. Nor is she representing anyone in a cool way, not even herself. I don’t need to be looking at her camel toe in every other picture. I feel like the only reason someone would ever act like that is because they’re on drugs. No sane person would ever wear anything like that, not even on stage. Sorry, actually I’m not sorry but that’s not artistic expression as Miley and Lady Gaga want to call it. I think you can express yourself without being naked and looking stupid. I angers me that my future child might have too be exposed to this. I won’t allow it…

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Not cool, just sad!



Every single day of my life I’m learning, learning that people are different. Different in what they wear, different in what they eat, different in how they style their hair, different in how they do things, different in how they think, different in general. And most of the times I think that’s a good thing. But, every once in a while I’d like people to do and feel what I feel. I know that won’t always happen and now I’m learning to deal with those situations. I’m not good at it yet but one day I hope I will be. I would really like for certain things not to bother me but today, and in my life, at the moment they do. I’m looking forward to the day when I can brush things off and just say, it is what it is!!!


3 months left…

So, it just dawned on me that it’s October 1st today which means it’s only three months left of 2013. How crazy is that? Time really flies… This also means that in a little over three months I’m gonna be 29, that’s even crazier!!! 2013 has been a year with a lot of ups and downs, personally for me. I’ve learned a lot about myself and what I want in life. I’ve let go of some people I was really close with and also gotten to know some new  and amazing people. For that I’m grateful!

But, like I said…three months left and I’m hoping it’s all uphill from now on, aBd!!!



Friday the 13th

Yupp…great day to come back to the blog, don’t you think!??

Well anyway, I’m back and I won’t even go into why I’ve been missing! Hoping this comeback is gonna last…but you never know, like I said, life gets in the way. The remaining weeks of September and all of October is gonna be super busy for me…I’ll take you along with me and then I wanna hear some people say I’m busy, when in reality all they do is sit at home!!!

Life…Bring IT!!!


Lazy Sunday

I have not left my house today, the whole day! Except for the hour I sat on the balcony having some coffee and writing. Does that count?I think that’s a first this year! I’ve just had a me day! Doing some of the stuff I need to deal with before vacation! Girl stuff, packing a bit, picking out and styling some outfits. I’ve written a few blog posts to keep you entertained while I’m away. Sure, I’ll be posting from vacation as well, but not everyday, so I want you to have something to read. Nothing special, just bits about life and stuff I’ve been dealing with or things that have been on my mind lately. I’ll try to keep it positive even though some negative things have happened, still it’s nothing super serious and I wanna keep it off of my blog and deal with it privately!!!


Today I had a 2 hour 35 minute conversation with Ivy, one of my best friends since childhood.

I ❤ You


Capricorn today

‘Someone understands what you want. They connect with your frustrations and share your belief that a relationship is imbalanced. They recognize your efforts in trying to rectify this. So, it can be said you’re not alone where you believe you’re struggling on your own. This aforementioned person is well placed to help in several ways. Don’t be too quick to refuse it.’