So I’ve been seeing a lot of people wearing turbans and headscarves lately. Not only for religious reasons but also for style. And I must admit that I like it. I might not have the perfect head shape for it nor do I know how to tie one the perfect way but I’ve decided to learn and wear it…
This is me trying it today at work. No make up and looking super pale but I thought I’d show you anyway.

What do you think?!



Last night I just could not go to bed. I just wasn’t tired and I shuould have been considering I slept really bad the night before. At one point I was even out on my blacony looking to see if it was a fullmoon. Ended up going to bed around 2AM. Woke up around 7 this morning. Got ready and headed to work. I’ve been answering email pretty much all morning. All of a sudden there are a million of them it seems like…

Tonight I’m going to dinner at my grandparents house. Tomorrow is a cleaning/laundry/packing day as usual. Plans for friday night with friends and then a conference all weekend. Ín other words work, work, work…

photo 1 (3)photo 2 (3)

As I couldn’t sleep I did my nails, I used a nude color under the China Glaze glitter nailpolish