Where I’m the happiest!!!

I am the happiest when I’m around people. People that love me and care about me, people I love and care about! Like my family and my friends. People I’ve known a long time. Like when I’m holding my cousins little girl with so much love in my heart or a little girl who belongs to a woman I’ve known for almost 20 years, a childhood friend of mine. That I’ve been through a lot with and seen her grow into the woman she is today, get married and have a baby. I’m happy when me, my sister and my brother-in-law are sitting in their living room at 2AM hysterically laughing over something silly. I’m happy when I see my mom laughing at her aunt who looks just like my grandfather did. I’m happy when my dad says he doesn’t worry about his job situation going on right now. I’m happy when my friend, even though she’s going through a death in the family still smiles through the pain.

I’m happy when people I love are happy!!!

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The meaning of Elvisa

There is no special meaning of Elvisa, my name! When I was younger I didn’t really like my name. And not because people called me Elvis or anything like that. I just wanted a name with a special meaning to it. That is until I found out my grandma actually picked the name. Now, I love it. Not just because of that but also because it’s pretty unique and you don’t hear it a lot. Even in Bosnia where I’m from! 

I googled it earlier today and this is all the info I could find:

‘Popular among Eastern Europeans. Feminine form of Elvis.’