It’s friday!!!


And only a week left until my vacation! It’s all I think about these days! I wanna get away!

Also, I’ve been offered a ‘job’ on the side connected to my blog that I’m very excited about. Of course I will let you in on it once it’s a done deal. I’m very excited though!



Almost a week later

It’s summer and it makes it a little harder to update every single day…!!! I hope you get that! Anyway, it’s thursday now and it’s 9 days left before I’m going on vacation. I can hardly wait any longer. I want it here now!!! All my friends are pretty much away and enjoying life at the moment. Ami is still here but she’s leaving me in a few days! Gonna miss her even though we’re gonna be together again less than a week after…Sarajevo, I can’t wait…


Shopping with BFF

Yesterday I met up with my BFF Ami and we went shopping. Well she shopped and bought a few items and I just tagged along. Didn’t find anything I liked. Then we sat down for dinner and had a very heated discussion about life and people. We don’t always agree but we walk away from the situation without any ill feelings towards each other. That’s what I call a real friend! I can’t wait for summer vacation with this girl. She makes me laugh and we always have a great time together. Prijedor/Kozarac/Sanski Most/Sarajevo watch out. Eli and Ami show is coming your way!!!

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