My Weekend in words

So, like I promised  I’m gonna tell you about my weekend.

Friday night my friend Dina got here and we were just home chilling. Had a few glasses of wine and just talked. I think we went to bed sometimes around 2AM. Saturday we started with a nice breakfast and then we went to a local coffee shop to get some work done. Four hours later we felt like we we’re done. Back home we made a late lunch/early dinner and watched Tangled while eating, Ami had also joined us at that point. We got ready, Dina did my makeup and Ami my hair and then headed out on the town. After a drink and a nice conversation we decided it was time for a bite to eat. The place we chose wasn’t the most glamorous one but we had so much fun. At one point we were laughing so hard, everyone was staring at us. And the video on Dina’s phone is to never be shown to anyone ever. Only for the three of us that were there. Dina left around 11AM, I cleaned up and then met up with Ami to go shopping. After a few hrs we we’re done and went to her house where her mom made us dinner. Then some of her family came over and we spent time looking at old pictures from her childhood and teens, so much fun to see since we didn’t know each other then. Rest of my sunday was spent preparing for a busy monday!

All in all, it was a great weekend with awesome people!!!

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Hello there

I know I know, it’s been ages since I last updated! But I’ve been busy. Last week at work before vacay and busy every afternoon after that! Last weekend I got my hair colored and a new haircut by Ami, Tuesday I took her to the airport. Now she’s waiting for me to arrive Saturday aBd. Yesterday I went to a  co-workers house for some tea and this afternoon I’ve been packing. I’m not all set to go. Tomorrow is my last day at work for a few weeks. I don’t know how long I’m gonna work but I’ll go for a few hours anyway and clean my office. Just like I’ve cleaned my apartment today. I like coming back to a clean apartment and office. Clean around me gives me a clean mind and makes it easier to think!

I’m watching the Euro Cup now and after that it’s shower and bedtime…


My weekend

So, last weekend I spent with family. Me and my sister’s day started super early at 6 AM. We got ready and went to McD to get some breakfast before we hit the road. It was an almost 3 hour drive and we wanted to get there early. We arrived at like 10.30 at our cousins and just spent time at her house. After lunch we took the kids to the lake for some fun in the sun. On our way back home we went to a nature reserve and took a walk. And after that we want back into town for some ice cream! Saturday night was movie night, but I fell asleep as soon as the movie started pretty much.

Sunday after breakfast we went to Kalmar, my old stomping grounds. That’s were I went to college. We just walked around town and did some shopping. We sat down for some ice cream and then took the kids to the FanZone, because the Woman’s Euro Cup is being played in Sweden. After that we went home and decided to see if there were tickets left to take the kids. We ended up not going.

Just before 10 PM I got home, jumped in the shower and went straight to bed.

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My Perfect Weekend

So, as many of you know my sister and two of my best friends were here visiting me. And let me tell you, we had a blast! They arrived friday night and we ended up going out for dinner and drinks. Saturday was a lake day and Saturday night we spent in Västerås. First dinner, then coffee and after a walk around town we sat down for some drinks! Ami joined us!!! Sunday morning we spend lounging on my couch and the afternoon we spent having some ice cream and just chilling. All in all, this was a great weekend.

I love my girls…!!!

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Saturday morning

Hi faves!

I woke up a while ago even tho it’s  saturday and I said I’d sleep in. I’ve just had breakfast and I’m waiting for my friend to let me know what we’re doing today! We’re either gonna go to a city music festival or the lake…