The Ultimate Shoedrobe

Like many other girls out there I have way to many pairs of shoes and most of them I don’t even wear. This got me thinking. If I was to only have shoes I would wear throughout the year, which ones would make the list. I’ve narrowed it down to eight, yes EIGHT, styles and you can read all about them below…

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Quilted Rainbow

Yesterday I went to the post office to pick up a few packages and while waiting for my turn I popped in to my local H&M store. As soon as I saw this top I fell in love with it. It screams spring to me and reminds me of a rainbow for some reason. I think this will be a staple for me this spring/summer. I see myself wearing it with shorts as well as skirts, pants and jeans.


With it I see myself wearing my new shoes! I picked these up this weekend! I love a casual look and these will go great with my style. My favorite are the plimsolls.

plims boots

I love spring!!!


Shoes for spring

In the summer I wear sandals, flip-flops and flats but I used to have a hard time finding a good shoe for spring. It’s too cold for the previously mentioned styles and to hot for boots. A few years ago I got a checkered red and black pair of Vans and I love them. I still have them and since then it’s pretty much all I’ve been wearing in the spring. I also like my Converse!

I’m looking for a new pair of espadrilles/vans for this spring and these are some of the styles and colors I like.


1. Pink Quilted Slip On Plimsolls

2. Vans Classic Pebble Snake Glacier Slip On Trainers

3. Vans Authentic Slim Geometric Trainers

4. Yes Coconut Stripe Espadrilles

5. Vans Authentic Slim Deep Lake Trainers

6. Vans California Era Nature Camo Plimsolls

7. Vans California Classic Slip-On Leather Plimsolls

What are your favorite shoes for spring?


NYE shoes!!!

I’ve started looking for shoes to wear on NYE even though I don’t know where I’ll be yet. I have a few options and one of them is London! Although I think I’ll keep it closer to home for the first time in 13 years. I’ve traveled every year for new years for the last 13 years…

420055-0014_1 350269-0014_5

Found these beauties at


Fun weekend

This weekend was a good one! Started by going to hang out with a bunch of people Friday night. Saturday I woke up at 6.40 AM. By 7.15 I was having my car washed and at 8 AM I had my yearly inspection. Then back home and did two loads of laundry and after that I met up with a friend for lunch. Took my grandparents to the airport after that. Had a quick coffee and then back home just in time to change for a charity party. Dressed up in a cute spring outfit only to arrive there and it’s pouring down. Thankfully I had a jacket in my car. Didn’t stay long at all. It was super boring. The band, consisting of one person sucked. He was more screaming than singing. The whole thing felt a bit off and weird. But, the money is going towards Bosnia and that’s good. I’m still glad I went and helped out a little. Came home and got ready for bed. Watched a movie and then slept. Yesterday (Sunday) I was working during the Elections, all day. Went to bed around 1.40 AM and woke up 7.20 this morning. Yeah, very productive weekend!

    photo 3 (18) photo 2 (20)photo 4 (18)photo 5 (15)photo 1 (21)photo 3 (19)


Ok so I did a post on pretty shoes just a few days ago, well look at these! SO SO PRETTY. These I could just buy to have them in a shelf looking pretty. They are simple but very elegant at the same time, and the stripes are a bit unusual for sandals.

 55A13FWHT_2_large 55A13FWHT_3_large

You can find these sandals HERE

They are by CJG, Chloe Green the heiress of Topshop

Shoes Shoes and some more shoes!

So a few nights ago I was browsing the ASOS website, just looking too see what they have! Ended up looking through the shoes section and found some amazing and lovely shoes. But, the thing with me and shoes I don’t really wear heels. I have plenty of them, but I don’t wear them much at all. Strange I know but I like to be comfortable. Something I do not like is when girls insist on wearing heels but end up taking them off in the middle of the club. If I’m wearing heels I ALWAYS bring a flat shoe because I know I’m gonna need it…

Anyway, here are some of the shoes I loved on the ASOS website.

These are my faves!
These are my faves!

image4xxl (1)

I love the crochet detail
I love the crochet detail

image4xxl (4)

Super cool
Super cool

image4xxl (8) image4xxl (7) image4xxl

I love all these sandals!

Click the picture for the link to the shoes