In love…

Yes, people…I’m in love!!!


Someone sent me a link to these Privileged Moks Chain Fringe Booties that you can find on And I fell in love!

Unfortunately, they don’t have them in my size, otherwise they’d be on their way to me right now!




Cheaper version

These Givenchy boots are a hit. A lot of people love them although the price isn’t for everyone. They retail at around 1800 dollars.

Well…now there is a Jeffrey Campbell version of the same boots and at a much better price. I’m not sure exactly how much they are but I think around 150-200 dollars…




Jeffrey Campbell


Västerås City Festival

So me and my friend ended up going to the city festival instead of the lake. Walked around for a bit, shopped a bit, had something to eat and then we were gonna go see a movie but decided to have a drink instead. I was gonna say didn’t get much but that’s a lie. I got a few things but I spent very little money.

So, this store is closing and they were having a sale. I got 6 pairs of shoes for, wait for it…246 SEK, which is basically 36 dollars. Isn’t that crazy!?


The boots I’m gonna give to my mom, but I love all the flats and the open toe wedges!


Drinks at Vardasrum (Livingroom)

John de Sohn is playing tonight, outside and it’s just started raining! I really wanted to go but as I wrote in my blog yesterday, I’m not really a fan of festivals therefore I think I’m gonna pass…