2016 in Rewind

Hello, I know it’s been a while but I’m back. I want to focus on the blog much more in 2017 and I know I’ll have more time to do so.

This time I’m here to give you a look back on my year, this is my 2016 in rewind. I’ve chosen 7 highlight from this year to sum it up. Why seven? Well, it’s just my favorite/lucky number. And this is in no particular order…


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So, I’m probably going to Sarajevo for a few days in about four weeks and I’m super excited! It’s gonna be a very busy weekend but I also think it’s gonna be a great one! I’m looking forward to it…Can’t wait!!! šŸ˜€

Also, check out my post about Sarajevo on The World Spa hereĀ and read about my favourite places to visit while I’m there!!!


My evening!

Yesterday after a very intense three-hour meeting I met up with Ami, J and A for a bite to eat. As usual it was so much fun, the four of us always have a blast together.Ā  Around 8 PM it was time to head home and while I was driving I made a call to a ‘new friend’.Ā  Well let me tell you,Ā I got super confused! LOL It was a very short conversation but it was all me this me that. I can greatly appreciate being busy and working hard, trust me, I respect that a lot. But damn, that’s all you talk about all the time though??? I’m not an attention seeker butĀ I do like when someone at least asks me how I am or what’s going on with me!

Probably working late today and then it’s time for a cup of tea and I’m gonna continue readingĀ FikretĀ Hodzic’sĀ book ‘…i ja sam izĀ Srebrenice’. It always makes me cry…



Never forget Srebrenica…

“The lesson of the last two decades is that if you commit war crimes, crimes against humanity or genocide, you will not be able to rest easily in your bed: the reach of international justice is long and patient, and once set in train, it is inexorable.”