The weekend

I spent the weekend spring cleaning except for a movie date, we saw Insurgent, with N and lunch at the grandparents house on Sunday. The struggle is real, let me tell you. I have way more clothes, bags, shoes than I can fit in my tiny walk-in-closet.

How was your weekend?


Selfies while I waited for my friend to pick me up



Sunday funday

So coming home late I crashed pretty much instantly. Yet I woke up this morning around 8.30 like I hade been asleep for days. Got up, took a shower, had a quick meeting and then headed to Ami’s house. But here’s the funny part. As I was putting gas in my car I almost put the wrong kind. I only got a little in the tank before I realized. Like the tiniest little bit. I called my dad in total panic and he reassured me that it was fine. It wasn’t gonna mess my car up.
Drove over to Ami’s house, had a coffee and then her and I took a walk. It was as long as we intended it to be because my damn trainers were messing with me. Gonna throw them away and buy new ones. Went back to her place and played Ludo with her and her brother. Then after lunch we just chilled on the soda before I left and headed back. Stopped by the grocery store to pick up a few things and then went to get my car cleaned. It was way overdue. Came home and I’ve been home ever since just killing time and working a little of course. Planning a trip to Sarajevo and a cruise with my girls. Looking forward to this spring and summer, should be a really good!!!




The weekend

I had such a great weekend with amazing people. Old and new friends! I’m very social so getting to know new people is fun for me. Then there was also a party, that went on until 6.30 AM. Yeah, like I said, amazing. Fun times!!!


Weekends are too short!

I spent the weekend with a lot of my favourite people.

Friday around 3PM I left work and drove about two hours to meet up with my sister, her BF and a friend. We started off with a little bit of shopping and then dinner. Sushi! You guys know I love sushi. After dinner we had about two hours until the movie so we went to a cafe and got some hot chocolate. All of a sudden, out of nowhere B and G, two friends I haven’t seen in a really long time showed up and sat down with us. Catching up was a lot of fun. Can’t wait to see them again. After that we went and saw Hunger Games: Catching Fire and I absolutely loved it. I liked the first movie, but loved the second one…soooo good. By the time I walked in to my mom and dads house it was almost midnight.

Saturday started very early. I woke up at 7AM and med up with Ada at 7.30. We took a short walk together before she had to head to work. Very nice catching up with her as well. I went back home and sat with mom and dad for a while, while they had coffee. Then I went to the car wash and got my baby clean. Picked up my sister och went to mom and dad’s again for breakfast. Got ready and then went shopping. Picked up a few things I might show you in a haul. After shopping we headed to Oskarshamn, a town of the east coast of Sweden. It was my aunts 60th birthday. We arrived there around 3PM I think. First coffee and then a late lunch before a ton of chill and playing with the kids. Did my little cousins make up for a performance she was doing that evening. She’s 10 so it was very little and light, with a white eyeshadow. Sister did her hair. We went to the venue around 7pm. All of us but my dad and uncle. Old men, you know. LOL

There was a party after and we ended up staying after 11PM, lots of dancing and fun with the family. We requested a few songs for my aunt and the band, who were really good, shouted her out. She was embarrassed and wanted to go home but also said it was a great and memorable birthday! I’m happy she had fun.

Sunday we woke up pretty early around 8.30, the kids had football practice and left around 9.15. My cousin, her husband and I just sat around the table and talked. Around 11 the rest of the family showed up and we had some coffee and dessert before we headed back home. Stopped by a small shopping mall on out way back and did some shopping. Dropped my parents and sister off and drove home. Got in around 6PM. Unpacked, took a shower, watched a movie and went to bed around 9.30.

Great but short weekend. Wish I could have spent a little more time with my family because I don’t get to see them often. They live almost 4 hours away!

 Namnlöskk new2


I love you today

Woke up 6.25 AM this morning. I actually se my alarm for 6.45 but oh well…

Yesterday was a busy day, work 7AM-5.10PM and then home to do some more work. And I stopped by at a store on my way home from work. Didn’t get anything though. At home I started putting stuff in my suitcase. Clothes and jewelry I need to pack, because I’m leaving in 7 days…to Sarajevo!!! And until then I’m gonna be super busy. I only really have tonight, Sunday and Tuesday nights free to pack and do all that… Tomorrow my dad gets here and we’re gonna have a real daddy/daughter weekend. He leaves sunday and monday I’m meeting a new friend for dinner. Busy Busy Busy…

Enjoy your Thursday everyone!!!



My Weekend in words

So, like I promised  I’m gonna tell you about my weekend.

Friday night my friend Dina got here and we were just home chilling. Had a few glasses of wine and just talked. I think we went to bed sometimes around 2AM. Saturday we started with a nice breakfast and then we went to a local coffee shop to get some work done. Four hours later we felt like we we’re done. Back home we made a late lunch/early dinner and watched Tangled while eating, Ami had also joined us at that point. We got ready, Dina did my makeup and Ami my hair and then headed out on the town. After a drink and a nice conversation we decided it was time for a bite to eat. The place we chose wasn’t the most glamorous one but we had so much fun. At one point we were laughing so hard, everyone was staring at us. And the video on Dina’s phone is to never be shown to anyone ever. Only for the three of us that were there. Dina left around 11AM, I cleaned up and then met up with Ami to go shopping. After a few hrs we we’re done and went to her house where her mom made us dinner. Then some of her family came over and we spent time looking at old pictures from her childhood and teens, so much fun to see since we didn’t know each other then. Rest of my sunday was spent preparing for a busy monday!

All in all, it was a great weekend with awesome people!!!

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Yesterday, after work I finally got to see my BFF Ami, first we went to grab a bite to eat and chat for a while and then did some shopping. I hadn’t seen her since last week, Sunday and I had really missed her! We had a blast!!! Best thing is, I ge to see her today as well when we meet up for a bite to eat with A & J!!! Fun times ahead!!!

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