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So I’ve been talking to a friend who runs a very successful blog and she told me I need to create a Facebook page for mine as well. I was very hesitant at first and then even when I created it a few weeks ago I didn’t promote it. I just don’t see myself as a blogger who needs to have her own FB page. I’m not trying to make this blog my full-time job. I started writing because I like doing it and to share my life with my friends all over the world that I don’t get to see much. But, it has grown and more and more people are finding their way here. Thank You to everyone that reads this page for whatever reason.

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Honey’s Child Boutique

I am following Plus Model Magazine on Facebook and they just posted a picture of this dress. It’s from Honey’s Child Boutique in St. Louis


I am literally in LOVE!

I think this dress is gorgeous and I want to wear it to my cousin’s wedding in June 2014. But, the wedding is in southern Europe and it gets really hot there in the summer. Actually even if I don’t ever wear the dress it’s so beautiful I would like to have it in my closet just to look at it from time to time!

You can buy the dress HERE


My summer

So my summer was a really good one except for a few hiccups! Nothing I can’t take though! I’ll tell you all about it in a longer post later this month and I’ll also show you some of my favourite pictures! Right now I’m super busy with everything. After all, I’ve just gotten back from vacation but once everything is in order, I’ll be able to focus more on the blog.



I love Her style:


So, the title speaks for itself. Every week I’m gonna put the spotlight on a person whose style I like, male or female. And this week it’s Demi Lovato. I don’t really keep up with Demi but I keep seeing pictures of her here and there and I love what she’s been wearing this past year! I like her edgy style and she seems to like a lot of black, just like I do. Her hair and make up has also been on point lately.


I love her hair in this picture, this is what I want