Pointless blog post


So, I’m not even  gonna start telling you about my packing or lack thereof. You all I know I haven’t packed. I came home around 6PM and since then I’ve been maxin’ relaxin’. I was gonna do so much around the house but only ended up doing one load of laundry. Go me!

Been on my phone this whole time, Facebook, Instagram, emails etc. Talked so my sister and Ami stopped by to say Hi, that’s it.

Made myself a late dinner after she left, a sandwich and took a shower. I’ve just finished watching a new reality show called Ladies of London and now I’m about to get ready for bed.

Good Night

Happy dance

Going away is always so much fun! Coming back, not so much! I had a blast in Bosnia and since I’ve been back I’ve been depressed! Lol
Can’t wait for Thursday, going to my sisters house and this weekend I get to see one of my best friends, in London!


Counting down the days…

There are still a few weeks left before I go away but honestly I can’t wait. It’s gonna be so much fun. Can’t wait to walk the streets in Sarajevo and London with some of my favourite people.

Throwback...pictures from 2010!
Throwback…pictures from 2010!

photo 2  photo 1


Super happy at the moment.

I have so many travel plans this year and I just added another trip. LONDON baby. I have to admit London is not my favorite city in the world but I love the shopping. There’s my excuse to go! 🙂

This year I’m also going to Bosnia x3




Also, I might add another trip, you never know!!!



Ok so I did a post on pretty shoes just a few days ago, well look at these! SO SO PRETTY. These I could just buy to have them in a shelf looking pretty. They are simple but very elegant at the same time, and the stripes are a bit unusual for sandals.

 55A13FWHT_2_large 55A13FWHT_3_large

You can find these sandals HERE

They are by CJG, Chloe Green the heiress of Topshop

Asos Shopping

A fw days ago I placed an order on ASOS, their sale right now is relly really good. Today, I just felt like checking it again. I don’t know if they’ve added som new sale items but I saw quite a few things I like. For a while I thought about placing another order but I stopped myself. It wasn’t something I needed but just stuff I liked. But, since I have a few trips coming up in next few months I thought I’d save my money…And I’m proud of myself for that!!!


This is one of the items I’m waiting for to arrive



Bråvalla/Glastonbury Festival

Today is the first day of Bråvalla, a music festival. You can call it the swedish version of Glastonbury, maybe. 50.000 people are expected to be there. That’s a lot yeah?
I’ve been to festivals before but after my horrible experience at Hultsfred festival a few years ago I don’t think I’ll ever go again. Honestly I don’t see the point. It’s just to dirty for my taste. No showers, and the portable bathrooms stink. You sleep in a tent, you’re cold, it’s probably raining. Yeah, you get the picture! All that and the fact that you can see all the artist in concert at other places too. And the line up at Bråvalla isn’t that great either. There are only a few people I’d like to see: Armin van Buren, Avicii, Frank Ocean and maybe Far East Movement, that’s it. So not worth the time, money and being in the dirt for…!!!