Plans for the weekend.

This afternoon I’m picking up my grandma and grandpa and we’re heading south. A two hour drive to see my mom, dad, sissy, brother in-law, auntie and friends. Looking forward to it. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been there and also it’s a weekend off, so no quick stops and travelling the next day. Happy Happy Happy! Saturday afternoon is a birthday party and Sunday is gonna be pretty chill!!!


Movie: Red Dawn

It’s almost midnight again and I just got in bed! Had a lot of things to do tonight and then ended up watching a movie. It’s called Red Dawn and it’s about these teenagers trying to save their city from North Korean military! It’s good and pretty sad at the same time. I recommend it!!! Chris Hemsworth, Isabel Lucas and Josh Hutcherson as well as Tom Curises son Connor!

Watch it!!!


Off to bed now!

Good Night


Still pretty warm

As many of you know I live in Sweden and usually by this time of the year it gets pretty cold and we’re already wearing out winter jackets. This year on the other hand we’ve had a good summer and the weather is still good. Right now at this moment it +7 degrees Celsius. I know it doesn’t sound as much but for us it is! I mean I’m still wearing my fall jacket…!!!

But, I am looking forward to the snow and a winter wonderland again…




So, I’m probably going to Sarajevo for a few days in about four weeks and I’m super excited! It’s gonna be a very busy weekend but I also think it’s gonna be a great one! I’m looking forward to it…Can’t wait!!! ūüėÄ

Also, check out my post about Sarajevo on The World Spa here¬†and read about my favourite places to visit while I’m there!!!


I love Her style:


So, the title speaks for itself. Every week I’m gonna put the spotlight on a person whose style¬†I like, male or female. And this week it’s Demi¬†Lovato. I don’t really keep up with Demi but I keep seeing pictures of her here and there and I love what she’s been wearing this past year! I like her edgy style and she seems to like a lot of black, just like I do. Her hair and make up has also been on point lately.


I love her hair in this picture, this is what I want






The meaning of Elvisa

There is no special meaning of Elvisa, my name! When I was younger I didn’t really like my name. And not because people called me Elvis or anything like that. I just wanted a name with a special meaning to it. That is until I found out my grandma actually picked the name. Now, I love it. Not just because¬†of that but also because it’s pretty unique and you don’t hear it a lot. Even in Bosnia where I’m from!¬†

I googled it earlier today and this is all the info I could find:

‘Popular among Eastern Europeans. Feminine form of Elvis.’