Honey’s Child Boutique

I am following Plus Model Magazine on Facebook and they just posted a picture of this dress. It’s from Honey’s Child Boutique in St. Louis


I am literally in LOVE!

I think this dress is gorgeous and I want to wear it to my cousin’s wedding in June 2014. But, the wedding is in southern Europe and it gets really hot there in the summer. Actually even if I don’t ever wear the dress it’s so beautiful I would like to have it in my closet just to look at it from time to time!

You can buy the dress HERE



My thursday evening

So, it was a ‘gather as much of the stuff you’re bringing to Sarajevo’ yesterday. Considering I won’t really have that much time to pack before I leave I’ve started with the packing super early. I usually only pack the night before but this time it was really seven days before. But, I’m leaving my house Wednesday morning and going to a conference for two days before I leave for Sarajevo. So, I have to pack a lot more stuff than ususal. I’m also going to a conference as soon as I land, so yeah…I think you get it. I also managed to do 2 loads of laundy and go grocery shopping before I sat down and watched a movie before bed. I saw The Frozen Groud with Vanessa Hudgens, John Cusack and Nicolas Cage.

‘An Alaska State Trooper partners with a young woman who escaped the clutches of serial killer Robert Hansen to bring the murderer to justice. Based on actual events.’




Damn girl

Ok, so I’ve done a post on Demi Lovato earlier and I told you how I love her style. But, I also love her music and her hairstyles, in particular this one!!! To me this is so cool! And I would love to wear my hair like  this although I really can’t. Her being an entertainer she can get away with it, me as a GIS engineer, I know I couldn’t. So I’ll just admire this picture and dream about it…