Shoes for spring

In the summer I wear sandals, flip-flops and flats but I used to have a hard time finding a good shoe for spring. It’s too cold for the previously mentioned styles and to hot for boots. A few years ago I got a checkered red and black pair of Vans and I love them. I still have them and since then it’s pretty much all I’ve been wearing in the spring. I also like my Converse!

I’m looking for a new pair of espadrilles/vans for this spring and these are some of the styles and colors I like.


1. Pink Quilted Slip On Plimsolls

2. Vans Classic Pebble Snake Glacier Slip On Trainers

3. Vans Authentic Slim Geometric Trainers

4. Yes Coconut Stripe Espadrilles

5. Vans Authentic Slim Deep Lake Trainers

6. Vans California Era Nature Camo Plimsolls

7. Vans California Classic Slip-On Leather Plimsolls

What are your favorite shoes for spring?