The dresses!

All of you lovely people who read my blog daily know that I’ve been looking for a dress to wear to my friend’s wedding. Here are the two that I’ve purchased and have to choose from…I’m still very undecided because I like them both, a lot.

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Wedding Dress

No, it’s not my wedding but a wedding I’m attending this summer.

Two amazing people who I know are getting married this summer and I feel honored to be invited. And since it is a summer wedding I wanna wear a pretty, long summer dress. I don’t know the style or the color, except that I wanna stay away from white of course and black. I’ve been looking online and found these four on Asos that I really like.

If you have any suggestions please link them below.



Wedding dress

So I told you about my cousin and her upcoming wedding. Well, I’ve had this coral dress for a while that I’ve wanted to wear it to a wedding so I’ve been saving it. But, I also found this dress today and I love it, it’s so my style.  I’m not really the one to wear dresses but when I do I like them to be different, like these two.There will be wardrobe changes at this wedding, maybe I can wear both…

This blue dress is from Taillissime
This blue dress is from Taillissime

This blue dress is from Taillissime

This coral one is from Asos
This coral one is from Asos