Yellow, my love!

I’ve been looking for the perfect yellow blazer for a while and I had almost lost hope of finding one, until I randomly one day saw one through a store window in Sarajevo. I walked straight to it and grabbed on, which happened to be in a size perfect for me.

I tend to wear black a lot, it’s like my happy color, and it isn’t to make me look skinny, I just love it. I guess because it’s so easy to match with everything else that I focus more on, like colorful bags.

I couldn’t find the exact same blazer/jacket but I found a really pretty one in the same color from a store I won’t even mention because the sizing was freakin’ ridiculous.








Yellow wishlist + a Giveaway!

I’ve had a thing for yellow lately.

I love the color for spring and summer! It’s a pop of color without it being the usual, which I feel is pink for the most part. I think a lot of people like to put on something pink or a brighter shade of purple at the beginning of spring. I guess it’s because they want that spring feeling.

I went on the New Look website and searched for the word yellow…here are my faves!


I think I would wear anything in yellow except pants

What gives you spring feelings? Post a picture on Instagram with the hashtag #thatspringfeelingtho and you can win my favorite yellow nailpolish!

Also, tell all of your friends about the hashtag and the giveaway!