Sunday funday

So coming home late I crashed pretty much instantly. Yet I woke up this morning around 8.30 like I hade been asleep for days. Got up, took a shower, had a quick meeting and then headed to Ami’s house. But here’s the funny part. As I was putting gas in my car I almost put the wrong kind. I only got a little in the tank before I realized. Like the tiniest little bit. I called my dad in total panic and he reassured me that it was fine. It wasn’t gonna mess my car up.
Drove over to Ami’s house, had a coffee and then her and I took a walk. It was as long as we intended it to be because my damn trainers were messing with me. Gonna throw them away and buy new ones. Went back to her place and played Ludo with her and her brother. Then after lunch we just chilled on the soda before I left and headed back. Stopped by the grocery store to pick up a few things and then went to get my car cleaned. It was way overdue. Came home and I’ve been home ever since just killing time and working a little of course. Planning a trip to Sarajevo and a cruise with my girls. Looking forward to this spring and summer, should be a really good!!!




Zvijezda Mozes Biti Ti

When I was in Sarajevo a few weeks ago my friends and I stopped by Hayat TV, a television station that’s very popular in the Balkan region. They have their own talent show that is like Idol called Zvijezda Mozes Biti Ti, which basically means You Can Be A Star. As we got a tour of the studio where they shoot the show some one the competitors were there. We took a picture with them but unfortunately I can’t tell you who they are as I myself don’t watch the show even though it’s very popular.