In love with Hallhuber

While at the airport in Munich, during a delay, I stumbled across Hallhuber, a random store I’m now in love with. After browsing for a while and being helped by an amazing shop assistant I walked out of there with not one, but two new bags. They were both on sale, for a great price, I just couldn’t leave them.

I originally walked in because of a straw beach bag but when saw this clutch I changed my mind.

Granted, I still want the beach bag and I might get it but since I had already gotten a few new bags while on vacation I opted for the two smaller ones. ( I’ll show you the other one in a separate post))

Right now there is an amazing sale going on (and I want everything) but unfortunately they don’t deliver to Sweden. I might just have it sent to a family member or a friend in one of the counties they do deliver too and have them forward the package to me…

We’ll see!

This love affair continues…


Hello there…

Just dropping by to say hello…so much has happened since I last posted but let’s not get into that.

Been travelling a bit therefore you can expect all kinds of updates in the next few weeks…!!!


Gigi Hadid x Maybelline

I was a bit late on the Gigi Hadid x Maybelline hype because I didn’t see anything in the collection that I absolutely had to  have. Nothing stood out, color wise, for me to buy it.

But, a few weeks ago I saw all the products on sale and got two things. Now regretting I even spent money on it.

The eye contour palette is a joke, literally. Quite possibly the worst Maybelline product I have ever tried. It felt like I had bought a counterfeit palette from Ebay. Absolutely worthless! It feels weird saying that since Maybelline is one of my favorite brands. I literally feels like they didn’t even care about the product but instead were hoping people would buy it because Gigi’s name was attached to it. And I’m sure a lot of people did. I’ve used it twice and both times I hated it. The fallout is the worst I’ve ever come across and the color payoff, pretty much non-existent. By noon I didn’t have anything on my eyes anymore.

Worst buy of the year, so far!!!

*interior design edition*

Something I’m super excited for at the beginning of summer is to move to my brand new apartment. I get the keys in about 6 weeks but I’m already buying things and looking in stores for inspiration.

Furniture I’m almost set on and I know what I want. I’m also doing a bit of DIY for this project and mixing different styles. Pinterest has been my go-to page for all things DIY and I already have a shopping list saved on, ready for the order to be placed and delivered.

I’ve always had so much going on with different bits and bobs on display which bother me so much when I’m cleaning. Therefore I’ve decided to keep it minimal this time around.

Below are some of the things I have on my wish list for interior design/decoration.


  1. Strap mirror
  2. Omaggio Vase in Pearl 
  3. Eos mini lamp
  4. Ikea Tysnes mirror
  5. Klong Constella set in aluminium
  6. BAR tray
  7. Kitchen Craft spice rack

On my wishlist…*bag edition*

So, lately I’ve been wanting to invest in another designer bag, to kind of treat myself. I mean I did just get a Rebecca Minkoff  M.A.C Crossbody in black with silver hard wear (post coming soon) and also a By Malene Birger Maggia bag (which I got in a really good sale) but I want a real investment piece like a Gucci or a Saint Laurent bag.

I’ve been on Net-A-Porter every day for the last two weeks browsing while thinking about what and IF I should get one.

Here are some of my faves.

Saint Laurent – Monogramme Blogger
Gucci – Soho Disco
Gucci – GG Marmont
Gucci – GG Marmont Camera
Saint Laurent – College
Saint Laurent – Kate


I like the Off-White binder clip bags too but I don’t know if that’s gonna turn out to be a classic or if it’s the hype bag of the moment.



What do you think? Do you own any of these bags?






Welcome back!

Hello and welcome back to a new and improved Elvisa and!

It’s time for me to get back into this world and I hope you tag along with me on the journey of a new job, new adventures and a new year…



Balmain Hair

I’m the type of person who doesn’t spend a lot of time on my hair on an everyday basis. I mean I do wash it every other day, because it gets greasy but as far as styling goes, I can’t be bothered to do something new every morning before work. Therefore I usually have it down in it’s natural state or put it up in a pony tale.

My hair is also a bit damaged and get very frizzy, which I can’t stand. The only way, like for so many other people, to get rid of the frizz is to blow dry it. Well, imagine what washing and blow drying your hair every other day does to it. Then there is also the styling with a variety of hot tools at times.

Because of all this I decided to at last take care of my hair by using good products. I decided on Balmain Haircare and I’ve now been using it for a few weeks. I bought the travel sizes to try it out and so far so good.

I put in the elixir while my hair is still damp and either let it dry naturally or I blow dry it. This unfortunately makes my hair look a bit flat and dull. And I want volume, lots of it. This is where the Salt texturizing spray comes in. A little bit of this spray goes a long way and it gives the hair a lot of volume. The hairspray is the key ingredient to keep my hair looking good for the day!