On my wishlist…*bag edition*

So, lately I’ve been wanting to invest in another designer bag, to kind of treat myself. I mean I did just get a Rebecca Minkoff  M.A.C Crossbody in black with silver hard wear (post coming soon) and also a By Malene Birger Maggia bag (which I got in a really good sale) but I want a real investment piece like a Gucci or a Saint Laurent bag.

I’ve been on Net-A-Porter every day for the last two weeks browsing while thinking about what and IF I should get one.

Here are some of my faves.

Saint Laurent – Monogramme Blogger
Gucci – Soho Disco
Gucci – GG Marmont
Gucci – GG Marmont Camera
Saint Laurent – College
Saint Laurent – Kate


I like the Off-White binder clip bags too but I don’t know if that’s gonna turn out to be a classic or if it’s the hype bag of the moment.



What do you think? Do you own any of these bags?







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